Licensing policy

The license allows you to use the purchased version of Merge MP3 without a time limitation.

The license allows you to use Merge MP3 on one PC simultaneously.

The license is non-transferable. A registered user is not allowed to transfer the license to other users.

ProductPriceE-Commerce Provider

Merge MP3

Prolongation of updates: $9.99 (PayPro Global) (Share-it!)

Support renewal and upgrade policy

Purchasers of Merge MP3 licenses, either new or renewal, will receive at no additional cost all bug-fix updates and all further versions released within 1 year since the date of purchase.

Upgrades after the support period will require purchasing a renewal at a reduced rate. The renewal discount is 50% off the new license price at the moment of the renewal purchase. This will allow you to have free updates for another year.

Payment Options

All payments are processed through ShareIt and PayPro Global, a global e-commerce providers. Online ordering is the fastest and the easiest way to purchase the program. All credit card data ia transmitted using the secure (encrypted) HTTP protocol according to the current SSL standard. Different offline payment options are also available – fax, bank/wire transfer, check or cash.